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Privacy Policy:

We respect everyones right to privacy and do not pass your information on to anyone.

License Policy:

When you download a pattern you are granted a personal right to use that pattern, and scroll saw as many items as you personally want to make, sell, or give away. This includes the right to personally scroll saw lots of items for a craft show. However it does not grant you the right to give the pattern to anyone else, nor to transfer or resale this personal scroll sawing license. Our patterns are free, so everyone should be able to download their own copy for scroll sawing. It is not allowed to place any of our patterns on a web site for download.

Special High School (Educational use) License Policy:

A School who downloads a pattern, is permitted to use that pattern for all students, even from year to year. However the license is limited to each school, so each school must download their own patterns.

Support Policy:

We aim to please everyone! If you are unhappy with a pattern, please email us saw4fun and tell us why. We will strive to improve the pattern and email it to you.

Fair Treatment and Abuse Policy:

We try to treat everyone more than fairly, and present information accurately, without using marketing techniques. We do not use advertising banners, or popups, and we hope your visit to this site will be enjoyable. If we find anyone is abusing access to this web site, or abusing the support policy (or other policies), we reserve the right to revoke privileges, and restrict access to them.

Appropriate Use Policy:

This is the legal section which basically says you are the person who is responsible, for how you make a pattern, and how any item is used. We do not assume any responsibility. In other words to state the obvious, you must for example:
1. Make sure that you use the scroll saw properly and safely. We do not assume any responsibility for any damages or personal harm.
2. Items you scroll saw from patterns, must be given to appropriate age groups. ie items with small or fragile parts should not be given to small children. Do not make toxic products for children.

General Information:

Saw4Fun is dedicated to making scroll sawing and fretwork more fun! In today's fast paced world it is great to have a hobby that a person can relax with, enjoy, without it costing a lot. A big part of that is to ensure a variety of patterns to you. I know I sure don't like to buy a pattern and have the pattern cost more than the wood I am going to use for the project.
Saw4Fun is a family run business that the whole family gets involved in.
Saw4Fun is the web site name for Nestronics Research Inc. Nestronics Research Inc, was founded in 1999.

Happy Scroll Sawing!!!!!!