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Supplier Links for the Scroll Sawer

Woodworking Directories/Information Sites

Allan's Wood Miser's Guide - Making your woodworking web surfing experience less frustrating, and much more enjoyable!
BenchNotes - A woodworkers Bench Notes
TheWoodShop.20m - Reviews of new and popular woodworking tools, a variety of how-to and general woodworking articles - Articles, tips, tricks, etc for wood working.
SawDustmaking 101 - A guide for the beginning woodworker.
Wood Central -"Where woodworkers of all stripes come to share a wealth of good information"
WoodNet -"Woodworking Tips, Techniques, Tool Reviews, Plans and Supplies for Woodworkers"

Woodworking Sites

Connected Lines Wood Related Software for Creative People.
Mikes Workshop "My hobby is woodworking, scrollsawing in particular". WorkShop Supply has thousands of project supplies.

Woodworking Magazines

Scroll Saw Magazine ScrollSaw Woodworking and Crafts.
Canadian Woodworking Magazine Plans, tips, interesting links, tool reviews, woodworking news, and event information.
Carving Magazine For those also interested in Carving.
Woodworking Canada

Other Links of Interest

Saw4Fun Scroll Saw Patterns.

Saw4Fun Scroll Saw Patterns